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Travel Backpacking Gear List for Girls!

On my first multi-country trip to Europe, we estimated that we would spend $600 in luggage fees if we had only two small checked bags. As anyone who has traveled with Ryan Air and the like can tell you, that $50 budget plane ticket jumps dramatically when you start adding luggage charges. Multiply that by flights from Miami to Paris to Madrid to Barcelona to Venice to Bucharest to Vienna and back! The challenge – get 2 weeks’ worth of girl stuff into one small backpack.

$20 bag still holding up after several international trips.


What I pack for a 2+ week trip in a mild climate:


  • 6 pair of nude underwear
  • 3 pair of white socks
  • 1 black bra
  • 1 nude bra
  • 1 khaki skirt
  • 1 khaki capri pants
  • 1 white capri pants
  • 1 black capri pants
  • 1 black cotton shorts (good for a quick work out or PJs as well as one of your day outfits)
  • 1 black wrinkle-free cotton dress (can be worn “dressy” or casual)
  • 1 sundress/beach dress (multipurpose as a beach cover up and day/evening outfit)
  • 1 bathing suit
  • black v-neck t-shirt
  • white v-neck t-shirt
  • dark brown or olive-colored wrinkle-free shirt
  • black tank top
  • brown sandals
  • black sandals

Personal Hygiene

  • Oil of Olay face cleaning wipes (amazing for freshening up and gentle enough for the whole body )
  • collapsible tooth brush
  • hair pick
  • hair scrunchie (in my hair color)
  • 1 qt. Ziplock for liquids that I keep on top and easy to reach
  • hotel shampoo (I refill and reuse these bottles with my own products when they run out.)
  • hotel conditioner
  • travel sized tooth paste
  • travel sized deodorant
  • small bar hotel soap
  • disposable razor
  • perfume sample (I have a ton that I get for free and it’s fun to try a new one out each trip.)
  • 1 qt. Ziplock for my make-up essentials: foundation, bronzer (also used as eye-shadow, blush, & bronzer), one blush brush, mascara, moisturizer, eye cream, and black kohl eyeliner


  • travel blanket (like you get on the plane – If I run out of room I wear it as a scarf to check into my flight.)
  • visor (mine rolls up or can be velcroed outside my pack if needed)
  • DSLR photo/video camera and bag (You can save a great deal of space if you are happy with the photos your cell phone takes. My camera gear alone takes up nearly half the backpack!)
  • 3 fully-charged camera batteries
  • extra memory card
  • extra zoom lens
  • phone charger
  • camera charger
  • 2 converters (if needed)
  • 1 lg gallon empty Ziplock
  • notarized copy of my passport

Exception: If I am going to be SCUBA diving, I will swap my mask, snorkel, GoPro & accessories, dive computer and dive log in exchange for the DSLR camera and bag. I rent the rest of my dive equipment on location.

What I wear for the flight

  • nude bra
  • pair nude underwear
  • jeans (wear your heaviest clothing for the flight)
  • black button down shirt
  • white tank top
  • neutral color sweater/cardigan/light jacket (if you run out of room in your bag, the jacket pockets can and should serve as additional storage)
  • small wristlet purse (for Android phone, passport, driver’s license, money, debit card, boarding pass, nude lip gloss)
  • inexpensive, silver jewelry – keep it small & light to speed through the security checkpoint
  • sunglasses
  • running shoes (it’s important to wear your bulkiest shoes for the flight)

You probably noticed I have about seven (7) days of clothing in my backpack. The solid-colored neutrals allow me to mix and match and have many completely different looks to make this packing list work for two or more weeks. I will re-wear the clothing if it is clean, and if it gets dirty, I will wash it out in the sink with a small bar of hotel soap or shampoo and hang it to dry while I sleep. When I’m lucky, we will be visiting family or friends with a washer and dryer at some point – most are kind enough to let us throw a load in while we hang out.

What’s in your bag?


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